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Therapy and skills to get where you want to be.

outdoor therapy
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To Relationships

Family/ Couples

Schedule a weekly session or commit to a 12 week Attachment-based family therapy program.

Format: Telehealth

Parenting, marriage, and relationships can feel incredibly hard. Are you feeling  stuck in what to do? Hopeless that nothing could change?  We will get to the roots of the issues, dismantle the barriers, and repair the ruptures. You will learn to interact authentically and  maintain this connection.

family therapy and couples therapy

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Schedule a weekly session or choose a coaching package to receive additional phone support during the week. Format: Telehealth

Do you need guidance, suggestion, and feedback for effective interactions with your child? We will implement parenting skills and effective communication to improve relationships and outcomes.

parent coaching

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Family Workshops

Is your family new to therapy? Commit to getting the help you need in a creative and flexible format. You will learn skills that will make a tremendous difference in your daily lives.

Participate in a series of four 6- hour workshops that fit your family's schedule over the course of eight weeks. 

Format: In-Person, Salt Lake City and surrounding areas

family workshops

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Weekend Intensive Experience

 Are you looking to explore yourself and your relationships like you've never done before? Walk away with powerful  insights about yourself and others. You will feel equipped to navigate your relationships moving forward.

Participate in a three day, overnight intensive experience in a camping or retreat setting. 

Format: In person, Salt Lake City and surrounding wilderness 

family retreat and couples retreat

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Therapy Sessions
Find your way

Routes to Relationships offers different paths for you to improve your relationships and achieve the outcomes you are looking for: family and couples therapy, parent coaching, family workshops, and family intensive experiences (camping or retreat setting).

Services are offered via telehealth and in outdoor settings in the beautiful state of Utah.

If you choose to work with me in-person (in a workshop series or weekend intensive experience), being "out here" promises minimal distractions from being present with one another, a unique sense of calm to face hard conversations, and a freeing sense of openness to warm up to your vulnerable self. 

help in my relationship
About me

Hello! I am Vanessa Truglio. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist having 11 years of experience in the fields of mental health, education, and parent/ life coaching. Through this professional journey, I have discovered my own route toward fulfillment: Being a companion and guide to others who have wandered from the path of joy or a sense of peace in their relationships. I look forward to accompanying you!

I would work with Vanessa again and again. She is the best therapist I've ever had the opportunity to work with- such a strong combination of strengths including balancing challenge and support for our family!!

Marya- Family Weekend Intensive

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