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attachment-based therapy

The Approach

The therapeutic approach is tailored to what you and your partner or family needs. This can depend on your goals, presenting issues, learning styles, developmental stage, or prior experience with therapeutic support. I am equipped to support you through various modalities including:

Emotion- focused therapy,  Attachment-based therapy,  Dialectical behavioral therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Solution-focused therapy, Experiential therapy, Psychoeducation

If you choose to commit to a 12-week program of Attachment-Based Family Therapy, we will work through a specific, empirically supported structure of tasks in the process of our family work together.

My approach comes from a broad range of experience that has equipped me with varied perspectives and a versatile set of navigation tools. 

Through teaching I found joy in witnessing others gain new skills and insights. I thrived in settings that allowed me to utilize my strength of creativity to help others connect with what they are learning.

Broken Trunk

Through a short-term, residential treatment program, I increased the breadth of client profiles that I am equipped to support. I became certified in new frameworks of therapy. I was reminded of my strength of balancing genuine relationship with adolescents and parents at the same time, in order to allow all family members to feel supported in their challenges and grow simultaneously.

Trail in Woods

In the milieu of a therapeutic boarding school I learned the value of relationship as foundational to change. I experienced an intense growth curve in supporting people in and through crisis. I came to understand that sustainable change requires support of the entire system. 

As a life coach I have honed skills in meeting others where they are at, which includes letting go of my own expectations and embracing the pace and the path that works for others. I gained full confidence in the ability to form relationship and to feel connection through a computer screen.

Through wilderness therapy, I fell in love with the world of outdoor behavioral health. I grew my passion for working in alternative settings and  being able to incorporate my strengths of creativity and adaptability into my work. I gained confidence in the healing power of nature and came to know that I am capable of guiding people into experiences of deep and impactful change in brief amounts of time.

Forest Path

Routes to Relationship 

provides you an opportunity to gain perspective and tools.

emotion-focused therapy
dialectical behavioral therapy
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