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parent coaching

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching is applicable to you if:

  • You need frequent guidance and feedback with navigating day to day challenges in: communication, understanding your child's needs, effectively supporting your child, implementing rules and boundaries, and using effective responses to your child's decisions

  • If you are a parent of a child who has engaged in any form of therapeutic services: short-term treatment, long-term residential, wilderness therapy, etc. and you want to learn, practice, or maintain the growth achieved through that experience.

The route:

I will learn of your specific struggles between you and your child and of the specific context of your experience with previous therapeutic supports. We will focus on learning and implementing communication, listening, and validation skills, as well as learning how to manage your own emotions elicited by your relationship with your child. Learning to improve your own and your child's communication, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation will translate to a better relationship, and an increase in the behavioral outcomes you hope to see.

The format:

Coaching is provided in a traditional session once per week. You may choose a six-week coaching package to include additional phone support or session time during the week.


Contact me for pricing.

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