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Family & Couples Therapy

family and couples therapy

Family & Couples Therapy is applicable to you if:

  • You experience repeated conflict

  • You feel a lack of authentic connection in your relationships

  • You struggle with communication

  • Family members are exhibiting concerning behaviors

  • Your relationships seem to have lost the positive glue that holds them together

  • You experience discomfort being vulnerable in relationships

  • Your family has been impacted by a struggle with mental health 

The route:

We will explore the roots of the issues so that the work you put in will be grounded in change that has the ability to be sustainable over time. We will explore each individual's role, challenges, and experience to identify the behaviors that maintain ineffective patterns. We will learn and practice skills to interact in more effective ways. You will be equipped with a new understanding and ability to navigate relationships for the outcomes you want.

The format:

Traditional sessions occur on a weekly basis for a 60-minute session. I will meet with you and your partner or family members individually or jointly in a given session to meet your specific needs.


For an intensive support program geared toward relationship repair between children/adolescents and parents, join me for a 12-week program of Attachment-based Family Therapy (ABFT). ABFT is empirically supported to be an effective approach for adolescents struggling with suicidal ideation and depression. The model can be applied to any fragmented parent-child relationship. Through use of this model I can help you to repair ruptures that have caused a breakdown in connection, trust, and communication. You will learn how to rebuild an emotionally-protective, secure parent-child relationship that is necessary to see change in your child's external behaviors. We will utilize a structured, yet flexible framework during one to two weekly sessions with those involved, to progress through this therapy.

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