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family and couples retreat

Weekend Intensive Experience

A weekend intensive experience is applicable to you if:

  • You are looking to bring your family together for a meaningful experience that incorporates fun, relaxation, activity, and in-depth therapeutic work

  • You want to experience an immersive wilderness experience OR you desire the comforts of a local accommodation near to a wilderness setting

  • You feel like you need consolidated time with a professional to "unpack" complex family patterns and challenges​

  • You want to disconnect from technology and distractions to be present with your loved ones

  • Your family has previously experienced a journey in treatment and are looking for a re-focus on the learnings and intentions of that experience.

The format:

Weekend intensive experience takes place over a three-day time frame. You choose an immersive camping experience or indoor accommodation in proximity to outdoor access. Settings can include Wasatch, Uinta, and La Sal Mountain ranges or San Rafael Swell desert country. All camping gear and outdoor resources are provided to ensure your comfort and safety, regardless of weather conditions. All meals are provided. Low-impact experiential activities (e.g. hiking, yoga, team-building, etc.) are incorporated upon request /interest. 

Contact me for pricing.

family camping retreat
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